Professional Residential and Commercial Lawn Mowing

Along with lawn mowing, at no extra charge, you will receive line trimming & edging and debris blowing from driveways, sidewalks and walkways. We trim along the foundation of your home or business, around your garage, tool shed, fence lines, around trees and bushes, flower beds and curbs. Edging removes the grass that grows over the edges of driveways, sidewalks and walkways for a more appealing lawn.

Edging and trimming are the finishing touches of mowing, kind of like getting a shave after you’ve had a haircut. Edging and trimming are pretty close to being the same thing. Some tools are called edgers because they’re designed to trim the lawn along a hard surface like a driveway or sidewalk. Edgers cut a nice clean edge, but leave some dirt and grass debris that you need to clean up. On the other hand, you can use trimmers anywhere — along a hard surface, in tight spaces, next to planting beds, and so on. Trimmers also leave some clippings on paths and driveways that you need to sweep up.

Tending to other aspects of the lawn is also very important. Keeping bushes, trees and flower beds freshly maintained and trimmed can make a world of difference in the overall look of your home or business.