Professional Residential and Commercial Spring and Fall Clean Up

Spring Clean-up

Designed to address winter wear and tear and rejuvenate your landscape for the growing season. Offered in early spring and seasonally recommended to freshen your landscape and prepare for greener days to come. During the early spring, we meticulously comb your property in preparation of the up-coming landscape season. By removing all unwanted materials that have accumulated throughout the winter months, we can give your winter-weathered landscape a fresh look.

Spring Clean-up service is very important for a healthy lawn in the spring and summer months.  The spring clean-up spruces up your lawn and yard by removing all leaves, sticks, garbage and removing dead growth from landscape beds. All debris is then hauled off site.

In addition to on-going maintenance, during the fall months our properties receive complete fall clean-ups by removing all material and falling leaves.

Fall Clean-up

Our Fall Clean Up service puts your yard to bed for the year and prepares all features of your landscape for winter. Service begins in September/October, the perfect time to clear your landscape of overgrowth. A light dusting of mulch on all planting beds completes the service, this can also be done in the spring if mulch wasn’t applied previous year. Fall Clean-up is important to ensure a healthy lawn next spring. The basic fall-clean-up includes removing all debris and leaves from the property, which helps prevent mold and other diseases forming over the winter months. Fall clean-up can be done with a one-time visit.

Keep your property looking top-notch with our Fall Clean-up service.

* Driveway Sweeping Included with Residential Spring and Fall Clean-up