Professional Residential and Commercial Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care goes hand in hand with Tree Removal Services. Trees are the heart of any landscape, so caring for trees and shrubs can make all the difference in the beauty and value of your property. Professional shrub and tree services are performed by a highly trained crew that can help you create an outdoor living environment that is beautiful, healthy and safe.

Our services include tree and shrub pruning, trimming and topping, planting, removal of trees or shrubs and stump grinding and clean up.

Trees need to be Trimmed/Pruned periodically to:

-> promote a healthy and strong growing tree or shrub
-> It helps keep driveways and walkways  safe from falling branches and allows people and vehicles to pass underneath
-> It increases air and sunlight  to penetrate the trees and shrubs
-> Allows lush foliage to grow required for tree-created privacy
-> Reduces weight at the end of limbs and branches and prevents them from falling on roof or siding